The First and Only outcomes-based S.T.A.R.T blueprint innovation created to teach and coach small business and startup entrepreneurs who are just starting, struggling, want to scale stronger, or stay in business longer, how to start, soar, and stay in business for as long as they are in love with what they are doing and enjoy the journey along the way.

After building six companies from scratch, I have seen it, done it, lived it, and learned the entire entrepreneur experience — the good, the really bad, and the truly exhilarating. I know all the nuances, challenges, mistakes, and success that can only come from embracing and embodying it. I know what it takes to start, soar, and sustain a company. 

I innovated the S.T.A.R.T. Blueprint many years ago, incorporating into my own businesses and the large corporations I was asked to build and turn around, generating $50 million in revenue. It only made sense for me to bring it to my small business owners, simply teach it to them, guide them through the process, and give them the opportunity to enjoy the journey and fulfill their dream. My mission is to have them start their business to stay in business for as long as they love it. And make sure the process is simple, stress free, and enjoyable.

What does S.T.A.R.T. stand for?

Secure Your Brand to Make More Lifetime Profits

Thrive Financially Right From the Start & Get Paid What You are Worth

Accelerate Growth from the Right Customers with the Right Tactics That Drive Cash Into Your Business

Reach Your Long-term Goals Quickly With 3-Daily Habits

Think Your Way to More Time, Focus & Productivity Through Easy Shifts in Mindset

I see it all the time. The scenario goes like this.

My small business owner and startup entrepreneurs who want to start and get their business in the right direction for long-term sustainability and profitability (and I haven’t met anyone of them who do not want this) do not know where to start and struggle through trying to avoid the many mistakes typically made when starting the journey on to entrepreneurship that can put them out of business. 

There is a lot of fear, self-doubt, and confusion. Most of my clients are over 50, only because they are the fastest group starting businesses, but this is the typical road for every entrepreneur I have ever met, including myself when I started my first company.

The problem is not you. Building a foundation to be profitable, avoiding the common pricing mistakes, and especially understanding how to reach, influence, and convert today’s customer in today’s digital world evades people only because it is more complex than ever with more competition than ever.

I see them spend hours finding information on the internet and then incorporate a million “expert” ideas, spend a lot of money on various campaigns, and go nowhere.

They wonder what is wrong.  

They hire the wrong coaches that tell them what they need (one-size fits all approach) but do not teach them how to do it unless they hire an expensive consultant.

Still no results.

They are now overwhelmed, more confused, and frustrated. They no longer know what they need or what questions to ask. They are hating the journey of owning their own company.

 They make mistakes that can not be fixed, do no promotion, and their business has no leads, no sales, no revenue, and is teetering on survival or gone. Their dream is over

Does this sound familiar? Stop the madness! S.T.A.R.T NOW!






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